Two kinds by Amy Tan

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Orientation: Her mother believes about her aptitude that can become a prodigy. She always look for many ways to discover about what the girl accept to become famous, become prodigy. But she misunderstands about that, about her ability that she can’t do everything.

Rising Action: She take her to the new school, to renew the hair or something, that make the effect to her about her disire of becoming a prodigy.

Conflict: The conflict about their thought of becoming the prodigy that gives the incorrect dicision.

Climax: The hard-studying of the girl

Falling Action: She want to give up everything after her performing.

Resolution: After the death of her mother, she recognize that the piano is better than the others and she starts to play it.

Protagonist: The girl.

+The interesting thing of this story is tardy recognition about the becoming prodigy of her thought.

+ If I write the short story, I will write about the childhood.


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